Saturday, September 30, 2006

e-window shopping

Ok, this may be my new favorite empty pastime- shopping online (but not buying, of course, b/c of that no-income thing).

Found today was this rather cute card site, called Lola Says with cards enscribed with messages to women on all subjects, from the mundane to "You had a C-section!" and "Sorry your job sucks!" and "You're living with your parents!" Each card is complete with little rhyming messages.

And I wouldn't have found this witty card site without the help of Indie Finds. Hmmm... contemplating starting a review blog of such fun online shopping & seeing if I can score some free--I mean, seeing if I can help promote such nifty products. Yeah, definitely.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


While cruising the I'net today, I happened upon several sites that I need to remember, use and shop from. Since the "day" is, um, officially over, this is what I've found so far:

My first find was very non-Indie of me, but brought me joy. NikeWomen has several fun dance routines, with instructions and for free. Dancing makes me happy to sweat :)

For a special someone (whose birth is nigh), this onesie from may be even better than the earlier camouflage idea. What better for "the spawn," as Zac calls "it"? It's truly a sweet mix of mildly offensive and cutesie.

Of course, shopping would not be complete without finding something I really want but simply can't afford--like these keyhole necklaces from Juniper Designs. My favorite of the so-called Pandora's Box designs (I know, oh-so-subtle) is Longing, though I also rather like Hope, Lust, Ecstacy and Vanity. Just a tip. Then again, this may be an instance when I might be able to find the tools I need for about $10-20 to make my own knock-off version (I know, terrible cheapskate). Then again maybe not.

And to continue my free online shopping, I happened upon this fun little blog, Independent luxe. More fun, more stuff.


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting some higher educatin'

I'm thinking about becoming a competent web-being and no longer using my blog for things it's really not meant for--and I'm on my way, even--but for now, more misuse.

Here are a few links to higher ed grad programs that I'm researching:
OSU, baby!
University of Vermont!
and, of course, ASU!

Also useful is this directory and this one from the ASHE.

This is exciting! to even contemplate! Keep working at it!! Yay!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Purses, II

Here's the evening clutch. The handle is stiff and folds into the purse, as desired. As you can see, it has a coin purse attached that matches the interior satiny fabric. It's a nice simple bag, and could be really good for any times you get dressed up or go out (instead of feeling like a dork carrying around your everyday bag).

That's it for the day. I'm tired of struggling with Blogger--I'll email or call if I switch over to Flickr. Today's posts start down at "Grandma & Grandpa's house."

For anyone else who just might happen to be reading, I went down to my grandpa's house in the dessert this last week to help my mom and aunt go through the things that are still in the house, before the family sells it (My grandpa is currently living in Y-town). We separated out things that we thought were valuable or useful or sentimental (or retro) and tried to pack most of them up. I'm trying to share some of the things we went through with my sister, who wasn't there.

Purses, I

Ok, so my camera's battery needs recharging, so here are pics of the four purses that I packed home with me from this trip to Grandma & Grandpa's. I'll upload pics of the other three later today or tomorrow. I would really like Kelly & Krista to take a look at them too, though they may be too professional/old-lady for them. But it would make me feel better, I think, if they gave 'em a once over.

Mom & Aunt Judy are kind of talking about maybe having Thanksgiving at Salem this year, so if you come, we could go over a lot of this stuff then.

This is the black Gucci bag that I was telling you about. It was in grandma's closet, and is really not that old--probably from the late 80s, early 90s even--and looks rarely used. (Doesn't my arm look fat in that pic?) I wasn't even sure I wanted to take this one and kept encouraging Aunt Judy to take it, but I think we had a hard time leaving a rather serious name brand for the garage sale. Mom swears that all of the Gucci in the house was real and were gifts from Max Factor and his wife, Millie. The pic might not be larger enough, but the black fabric has linked GG's throughout. And the gold-colored logo near the bottom is linked GGs.

This is the light yellow bag with tomato-red lining. It's... a little funky, but fun. This was in one of the suitcases of stuff in the garage, so either from Grandma Mote or Aunt Ann (as Mom would call them). The hardware on this bag looks more like brass in person, and less steely than it looks in these pics.

This is the other black purse, the patent leather one. I found this, I believe, with the yellow purse. The camera's flash makes it look all marred, but it's in shiny-new condition.

More things we packed with you in mind

This is a cake plate that Mom saved for you--Mom has a thing about cake plates, you know. One of the things that she really, really wanted from Grandma's was the cake plate she remembers growing up with (not this one), and so she packed that one for herself. I tried explaining that we both really like the one she already has, plus she's already bought me one--so really, we probably have enough cake plates. But this one's packed for you, in case you would like it at some later date.

Ok, now things start to get kind of fuzzy. I can't remember exactly what we packed, but I'm pretty sure that our family packed this creamer & sugar set--it's a pretty simple set, glass & dusty in this picture, but we believe it was Grandma's. If we did indeed pack it up, I'm pretty sure we didn't have a specific plan for it. We also packed up two other sets of creamer/sugars--one that was sterling silver that Mom I think wanted to help complete a set that Dad's mom gave to her (?I think) and one miniature set made of white glass that was put with my pile b/c I took most of the white glass stuff--though I'll definitely include a picture of it in a later post.

I think I'm going to change gears and put up some posts of the purses and costume jewelry that I wanted you to see--and that'll probably be it for the day. For some reason just going back through this stuff feels kind of exhausting today, plus I'm thinking about changing over to Flickr b/c Blogger really wasn't built for uploading photos. But just so I can remember, I do want you to see photos of some of the things we thought you might like, but that we didn't pack yet (we know where they are); things that were packed for me that I think you might like; and maybe even some things that were packed for other people just in case you feel like perusing. So many of our decisions were kind of speculative, I know that we can make changes if you have any desires...

Grandma & Grandpa's house

Alright, since I get to use my blog for whatever I want, this one's for you, Cindy. I'm going to put up the pictures in groups, and you comment as you go, how about? This first group are pictures of things that we packed up with you in mind. A lot of the pictures have my hand in them to try to give some scale, but I'm not sure that really helped...

First up, these are two vases that are marked on the bottom as carrot and celery stick holders that were marked "always on the table at the farmhouse" and belonged to Minerva Weaver, which would be one of Grandma's great grandmas, aka Great Grandma's grandma--our great, great, great grandma, I believe. These were on display in the china cabinet and have a modern look, with their square shape, but stil prett with the lilly-like pattern and the frosted glass (this picture shows them a little bit dusty).

Ok, this is kind of a saddle-shaped dish--two of the pictures are when it was dusty, but show the design better--also from the china cabinet. I don't know what, but there's something pretty about it that made me think you might like it... I could imagine maybe laying flowers across it or using it as a candy/nut dish or something--I really am not sure. The dish is marked Lucy Ann Johnson, who I think was either Grandpa's great grandma or his grandma (all the names are a swirling jumble in my head by now), on his mother's side I believe, which is the Maine side.

This is a little dessert(?) plate or shallow bowl that Mom thought you might like. It's black with an iridescent swirl finish... There were several single saucers/dessert plates in different patterns. I took several that weren't "historical" or in any special place because I have this notion that I want to throw tea parties. This was one of the labeled, more valued pieces--though I don't remember whose it was. A couple of other similar-sized plates that were also marked we packed up in a box for Mom's Aunt Betty... If you're interested, I also have pics of some of those plates for another post (and/or you can always claim some of the ones I took).

Ok, and apparently, I'm going to have to spread this into the next post, as well b/c Blogger keeps saying that it has uploaded my next two photos and then giving me nothing to show for it...

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