Tuesday, April 19, 2005

rainbows and bunnies and diesel engines

run, run from the dirty diesel engines!
Ok, so this is definitely not the most important thing happening, but I love it. It may the most exciting thing I've done at work so far. This is a commercial for the new Honda diesel engine (not for the U.S.) that asks the important question, "Can hate be good?"

There are animated bunny rabbits with ear muffs, rainbows, flamingos, froggies and dancing letters spelling "Hate." Plus a folk song with Garrison Keiler and infectious whistling. You have to see it. I'll try to post a pic later on... Or you can check out the whole commercial yourself.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

love your wicked style

It is as I was beginning to fear--Gwen Stefani's recent CD is really just a promotion for an upcoming style line. While wandering and wondering about Harajuku girls, I found this on Gwen's website:

"Harajuku Lovers - Coming Summer 2005
Harajuku Lovers is the new design project from Gwen Stefani. This stylish and accessible line of fashion and accessories debuts this Summer. More news and website launch to come soon.
Harajuku Lovers: A Fatal Attraction To Cuteness."

Hey, you know she'd "dress them wicked and give them names--" not surprisingly, the same name that she gave her existing clothing line.

Apparently I missed the phenomenon of Gwen's new entourage (not having cable makes you miss all those truly important news stories), but I guess Love, Angel, Music and Baby were really just figments of Gwen's imagination.

Hmmm. Strange worship. Orientalist, chauvinist, capitalist--er, something. Maybe another post.

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