Thursday, January 11, 2007

because I'm a girl

... and sometimes I get on these kicks where I just window shop all over the Internet, without the actual intent--who am I kidding? I mean dough--to buy anything. So here's what I've been checking out recently (because, hey, maybe I'll actually want to buy some of this stuff sometime)

First we have oh joy!, a design oriented blog that also had some great wedding stuff on it (check out the "Here comes the bride..." category). I also found the kenzieKate blog; the writer also designs wedding invitations.

Linking these two blogs were comments about paper flower pomades which I am totally loving. And to continue my obsession with paper flowers (and origami, and paper goods, etc) I have decided I need one of these flower-making kits.

Also a reminder to self to check out two stores IRL: Bry's Specialty Grocery in Redding and Le Petit Chateau in Roseville. Enough for now!


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