Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote for Cindy! (& John!)

Posing where he popped the question
In the wake of my inactivity (wait, how big of a wake does inertia leave?), my sister is planning her wedding! And with a vengeance! She's actually deploying to the War in less than two weeks, and is determined to have a good share of her planning done before then. She's got a ceremony location, and is close to deciding on a dress & a reception location.

Next up: The Photographer. And this is where you can help.

Cindy & her FI John are finalists in the Real Couple of the Year contest, held by a Colorado wedding photographer. The top prize for the contest is a free wedding photo package with Traci Turchin of Real Photography! Winners of the contest are chosen by vote--so hurry up and Vote for CINDY & JOHN!

OK, caps-lock & exclamation points aside--I really hope my sister and future brother-in-law win. (And haha--no, I'm clearly not biased on this topic!) But even though I've heard plenty of stories about their relationship, when I read through their contest entry--I realized that a very subtle theme emerged. From meeting him at track practice (where she felt at home) at the Air Force Academy, to deciding to forsake her Great Britain dreams solo for sharing the Great Plains with him--she's found a home in John.
We're engaged!

OK, so I can't take credit for that. It's pretty much literally what Cindy said herself:
"I just keep thinking about heading down the aisle in my elaborate white dress ... and John ahead of me. With him by my side, I'll always be home" Read more...

And really, what more could one ask for in a brother-in-law, than someone who makes a home for my sister? Uh-oh, I'm getting a little too emotional on my poor, long-abandoned blog. Cindy better not read this, or she may recognize my speech in a few months ;)

Romantics, I tell ya

Of course, creating a home isn't the only theme for "real" love stories. And it doesn't take a contest to legitimize a fairy tale. What theme runs through your own love story? I'm developing a few of my own...

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