Wednesday, December 08, 2004

things fall apart

So, earlier today (and since Sunday, I believe, as noted below), this post was a part of my blog-thingy:

Sunday, December 05, 2004
shades of pumpkin and windshield bugs
Whew, that was some blaring silence!

While I was back in Yreka (all of last week), I caught a glimpse of To Sense on my dad's computer. Warm, friendly orange it is not. When I chose the background color for this site, I thought it was kind of energetic and a little strange, but not...pukey.

I only ever see this site on Zac's computer, where the colors are exactly how I like them. But on my dad's old machine, this site looks like the flesh of a rotting mango. My sister says that on her computer, it looks rather brown. Perhaps "samba lair" is more deserved than I thought.

Anyways, after seeing the "real" range of colors presented by this orange-like shade, I have actually been too embarrassed to post to this site...Change will come. Soon-ish. I promise. It will have to happen before I re-post.

Which may be a little while, because I did indeed get a job with a newspaper. I start tomorrow.

Any further comments on the disgusting nature of the existing background shade are welcomed. Or suggestions for more pleasing future colors. ColorMatch seemed like a nice place to start, but perhaps I'll go back to "web safe" colors...

Ah well, change is good.

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I copied the text exactly, as was. Why would I do such a thing? Well, I was going to comment on it (ya know, talk to myself in the semi-public forum of blogging--what I normally do with a non-existent audience), when BLOGGER informed me that "that post does not exist." Which was very hard to believe, considering that no matter how many times I hit the refresh button on this site, the post was still visible. Sign in, go to edit posts, and--lo and behold--BLOGGER wasn't kidding. The post did not exist.

Hmmm. "Outlook not so good," predicts the Magic8Ball for this blog.

And all I wanted to say was that yep, this blog is a disgusting color on my ancient work machine as well.

Hmmm. Perhaps it is a sign that my only recent posts have been about computer glitches and this site...

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