Monday, August 18, 2008

Shower invites

So I've been a busy MOH leading up to my sister's wedding, and I haven't even gotten to post about any of the fun stuff I've done yet! For now, I'm tossing up images of the invitations & recipe cards I designed for her shower...

There were a few hitches in the design process, when I decided to abandon my original printing/mailing idea inspired by these lovelies from Jordan at Oh Happy Day (super blog, btw!). So I'm not 100 percent pleased, but here's a peek:


Invite - front

& Back (yes, you gotta rotate & flip)
Invite- back

And here are the recipe cards (a late-add to the invitations, required by the MOB...)

Front of recipe cards

& Back:
Back of recipe cards

More post wedding--I'm feeling a little like showing off! (And possibly even re-jump-starting this poor little starved blog...)


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