Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Counting down

So maybe all you savvy I'net browsers have already discovered this ("all" and "you" are really meant ironically), but I just discovered it and want to share.

Remember doing advent calendars as a kid? In church, there are the candles; at home, we always had one with little doors to open, sometimes with candy; and at school, they always had you staple together the rings to tear off...

And now, online, we get the Harpold Advent Calendar.

It's nothing too high-tech or shocking, just a little something each day, along with someone's holiday memory and a link elsewhere. So far there's been a paintshop Christmas scene, drag&dress Santa Claus, a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay and even a joke about an Ayn Rand Christmas special. Could you ask for anything more?

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