Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Counting down

So maybe all you savvy I'net browsers have already discovered this ("all" and "you" are really meant ironically), but I just discovered it and want to share.

Remember doing advent calendars as a kid? In church, there are the candles; at home, we always had one with little doors to open, sometimes with candy; and at school, they always had you staple together the rings to tear off...

And now, online, we get the Harpold Advent Calendar.

It's nothing too high-tech or shocking, just a little something each day, along with someone's holiday memory and a link elsewhere. So far there's been a paintshop Christmas scene, drag&dress Santa Claus, a poem by Edna St Vincent Millay and even a joke about an Ayn Rand Christmas special. Could you ask for anything more?

So much for that post. It seems that the advent calendar hasn't been updated since the day after I linked to them.... just my luck

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