Tuesday, April 19, 2005

rainbows and bunnies and diesel engines

run, run from the dirty diesel engines!
Ok, so this is definitely not the most important thing happening, but I love it. It may the most exciting thing I've done at work so far. This is a commercial for the new Honda diesel engine (not for the U.S.) that asks the important question, "Can hate be good?"

There are animated bunny rabbits with ear muffs, rainbows, flamingos, froggies and dancing letters spelling "Hate." Plus a folk song with Garrison Keiler and infectious whistling. You have to see it. I'll try to post a pic later on... Or you can check out the whole commercial yourself.

This is what I get for posting hastily--commenting on my own blog.

It seems so strange that a large company would choose "Hate" as a marketing cornerstone. And that they would try to make it something associated with sugar & spice & everything nice.

But the idea that they're trying to espouse is not a new one. It's called "positive dissatisfaction" and is a well-known motivational tool, described in leadership workshops and used (without the schmancy name) in everyday life.

It's one of my favorite motivations, actually; I find that I am highly motivated and do some of my best work when I think the existing or previous product is crappy. That's one reason I love this commercial.

The other is because, at work, I often feel like those little bunnies, frantically avoiding big, greasy engines...
Of course (in the tradition of talking to myself and now, posting to my own site), it is a bit disturbing to see "Hate" flashed across the screen repetitively, even if in a "positive" way (can there really be a positive way?).

Wouldn't be surprised to see some hate group re-appropriate this commercial... I mean, "hate something, change something" seems like a general model for genocides over the last century...
yikes brenda-
scary commercial, a bit less scary analysis. not so hot on the graphics however! you do find some random stuff :0) tess
Ohhh... I love the picture. I keep not writing new posts b/c I like seeing this silly picture... I think it most accurately describes what I feel like at work on a regular basis (a little fluffy bunny running and hiding from greasy engines)

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