Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Purses, I

Ok, so my camera's battery needs recharging, so here are pics of the four purses that I packed home with me from this trip to Grandma & Grandpa's. I'll upload pics of the other three later today or tomorrow. I would really like Kelly & Krista to take a look at them too, though they may be too professional/old-lady for them. But it would make me feel better, I think, if they gave 'em a once over.

Mom & Aunt Judy are kind of talking about maybe having Thanksgiving at Salem this year, so if you come, we could go over a lot of this stuff then.

This is the black Gucci bag that I was telling you about. It was in grandma's closet, and is really not that old--probably from the late 80s, early 90s even--and looks rarely used. (Doesn't my arm look fat in that pic?) I wasn't even sure I wanted to take this one and kept encouraging Aunt Judy to take it, but I think we had a hard time leaving a rather serious name brand for the garage sale. Mom swears that all of the Gucci in the house was real and were gifts from Max Factor and his wife, Millie. The pic might not be larger enough, but the black fabric has linked GG's throughout. And the gold-colored logo near the bottom is linked GGs.

This is the light yellow bag with tomato-red lining. It's... a little funky, but fun. This was in one of the suitcases of stuff in the garage, so either from Grandma Mote or Aunt Ann (as Mom would call them). The hardware on this bag looks more like brass in person, and less steely than it looks in these pics.

This is the other black purse, the patent leather one. I found this, I believe, with the yellow purse. The camera's flash makes it look all marred, but it's in shiny-new condition.

like the first black, the yellow's a little funky (perhaps too for me) and the last black isnt my style.
Yay! A taker for the Gucci!

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