Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Purses, II

Here's the evening clutch. The handle is stiff and folds into the purse, as desired. As you can see, it has a coin purse attached that matches the interior satiny fabric. It's a nice simple bag, and could be really good for any times you get dressed up or go out (instead of feeling like a dork carrying around your everyday bag).

That's it for the day. I'm tired of struggling with Blogger--I'll email or call if I switch over to Flickr. Today's posts start down at "Grandma & Grandpa's house."

For anyone else who just might happen to be reading, I went down to my grandpa's house in the dessert this last week to help my mom and aunt go through the things that are still in the house, before the family sells it (My grandpa is currently living in Y-town). We separated out things that we thought were valuable or useful or sentimental (or retro) and tried to pack most of them up. I'm trying to share some of the things we went through with my sister, who wasn't there.

like the clutch...nice alternate when dressed up that i dont have now. would be something memorable as well.

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