Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Grandma & Grandpa's house

Alright, since I get to use my blog for whatever I want, this one's for you, Cindy. I'm going to put up the pictures in groups, and you comment as you go, how about? This first group are pictures of things that we packed up with you in mind. A lot of the pictures have my hand in them to try to give some scale, but I'm not sure that really helped...

First up, these are two vases that are marked on the bottom as carrot and celery stick holders that were marked "always on the table at the farmhouse" and belonged to Minerva Weaver, which would be one of Grandma's great grandmas, aka Great Grandma's grandma--our great, great, great grandma, I believe. These were on display in the china cabinet and have a modern look, with their square shape, but stil prett with the lilly-like pattern and the frosted glass (this picture shows them a little bit dusty).

Ok, this is kind of a saddle-shaped dish--two of the pictures are when it was dusty, but show the design better--also from the china cabinet. I don't know what, but there's something pretty about it that made me think you might like it... I could imagine maybe laying flowers across it or using it as a candy/nut dish or something--I really am not sure. The dish is marked Lucy Ann Johnson, who I think was either Grandpa's great grandma or his grandma (all the names are a swirling jumble in my head by now), on his mother's side I believe, which is the Maine side.

This is a little dessert(?) plate or shallow bowl that Mom thought you might like. It's black with an iridescent swirl finish... There were several single saucers/dessert plates in different patterns. I took several that weren't "historical" or in any special place because I have this notion that I want to throw tea parties. This was one of the labeled, more valued pieces--though I don't remember whose it was. A couple of other similar-sized plates that were also marked we packed up in a box for Mom's Aunt Betty... If you're interested, I also have pics of some of those plates for another post (and/or you can always claim some of the ones I took).

Ok, and apparently, I'm going to have to spread this into the next post, as well b/c Blogger keeps saying that it has uploaded my next two photos and then giving me nothing to show for it...

love the vases and the curvey taco plate...the small dish is realy pretty tho i'm not sure for what. but then again i suppose some of those things are better suited for when i'm older and have a home of my own. love 'em all.
Good! But remember, you don't have to love everything. There's a whole bunch more stuff than just the five things pictured. Now I really want to show you the stuff we weren't sure about and the stuff that the rest of us packed...

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