Thursday, September 28, 2006


While cruising the I'net today, I happened upon several sites that I need to remember, use and shop from. Since the "day" is, um, officially over, this is what I've found so far:

My first find was very non-Indie of me, but brought me joy. NikeWomen has several fun dance routines, with instructions and for free. Dancing makes me happy to sweat :)

For a special someone (whose birth is nigh), this onesie from may be even better than the earlier camouflage idea. What better for "the spawn," as Zac calls "it"? It's truly a sweet mix of mildly offensive and cutesie.

Of course, shopping would not be complete without finding something I really want but simply can't afford--like these keyhole necklaces from Juniper Designs. My favorite of the so-called Pandora's Box designs (I know, oh-so-subtle) is Longing, though I also rather like Hope, Lust, Ecstacy and Vanity. Just a tip. Then again, this may be an instance when I might be able to find the tools I need for about $10-20 to make my own knock-off version (I know, terrible cheapskate). Then again maybe not.

And to continue my free online shopping, I happened upon this fun little blog, Independent luxe. More fun, more stuff.



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