Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More things we packed with you in mind

This is a cake plate that Mom saved for you--Mom has a thing about cake plates, you know. One of the things that she really, really wanted from Grandma's was the cake plate she remembers growing up with (not this one), and so she packed that one for herself. I tried explaining that we both really like the one she already has, plus she's already bought me one--so really, we probably have enough cake plates. But this one's packed for you, in case you would like it at some later date.

Ok, now things start to get kind of fuzzy. I can't remember exactly what we packed, but I'm pretty sure that our family packed this creamer & sugar set--it's a pretty simple set, glass & dusty in this picture, but we believe it was Grandma's. If we did indeed pack it up, I'm pretty sure we didn't have a specific plan for it. We also packed up two other sets of creamer/sugars--one that was sterling silver that Mom I think wanted to help complete a set that Dad's mom gave to her (?I think) and one miniature set made of white glass that was put with my pile b/c I took most of the white glass stuff--though I'll definitely include a picture of it in a later post.

I think I'm going to change gears and put up some posts of the purses and costume jewelry that I wanted you to see--and that'll probably be it for the day. For some reason just going back through this stuff feels kind of exhausting today, plus I'm thinking about changing over to Flickr b/c Blogger really wasn't built for uploading photos. But just so I can remember, I do want you to see photos of some of the things we thought you might like, but that we didn't pack yet (we know where they are); things that were packed for me that I think you might like; and maybe even some things that were packed for other people just in case you feel like perusing. So many of our decisions were kind of speculative, I know that we can make changes if you have any desires...

can never have too many cake plates (right mom?!) and right now i dont have one. not sure how the shuffling of plates would go now that mom picked out another, but that is something that would be awesome to have...a cake plate with meaning since bdays and such are about family. besides, i like cake ;)
oh, and as for the tea type things...i've always hoped that one day i'd be equipped to host tea parties. how soon in my life will that day come? well, who knows, but i would like to start collecting things like that.

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