Monday, March 10, 2008

Bride-to-be, now deployed

snapshot of the happy couple

Just in case you haven't already voted for Cindy & John, here's an update:

My little sister, Cindy, recently got engaged and is a finalist in an online contest for free wedding photography, via Real Photography in Colorado. What makes her different: Cindy was recently deployed to the Middle East on her first mission as a pilot with the Air Force (her FI is a pilot too--you can read more about them here). The contest is finishing up while she's still overseas, and so we're looking for one final push of votes! Traci Turchin, the nifty & friendly photographer who's holding the contest, has decided to switch the contest over to "blind" so that we can't see who's currently in the lead ... which means no more obsessive checking to see who's ahead!

Here's to helping them win! Make sure to Vote for Cindy & John!

P.S. Loyal Reader, if you're out there: Sorry for the spammy post with very pointed links--I just want to make it easy on ya! Stay tuned for better content! -b

3/18 UPDATE: Cindy & John won! Thanks for your help!

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