Friday, March 23, 2007

Wedding stockholm syndrome & flowers

So it takes me an extremely long time to give in & admit to really, really being girly. For quite some time now I've been wandering the web on a wedding streak, checking out blogs and biographies for ideas and tips, perusing vendor sites for reality checks (hello! expensive) and more ideas. And now I have decided that one other use for this mostly defunct blog (turned personal bookmark site) is to actually document the "dream" vendors that I find as I wander the web on a wedding streak. The wedding web wandering has been fun, but since I will soon be working again, all that wandering will be for naught if not recorded.


So I refuse to call it my "dream" wedding. Because, really, I'm not the kind of girl who has been dreaming of "the biggest day of her life" since second grade. (Zac actually says that I have stockholm syndrome when it comes to anything wedding & domestic--I resisted at first, but seem to have thrown myself into the subjects with verve as of late, as if of my own free will.)

So call it my Martha Stewart Wedding--you know, the one I would possibly choose to have were money and time no object, and I knew a certain magazine would help kick-off my career as a wedding planner when they featured my fabulous event on their cover.

Blomma Flicka Flowers
First up: The florist. In my MSW, flowers would be one of (if not the) main themes of the wedding. Fresh wildflowers everywhere. In reality, wildflowers aren't very easy to come by and are even more difficult to preserve. But then I read about Blomma Flicka Flowers. Nevermind that they're located in Vermont--this is simply the first florist I have heard of that is using wildflower-looking arrangements--yay!

On another note the post on Weddingbee which alerted me to this great florist also has many links for online flower wholesalers--a possible alternative (though no wildflowers).



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