Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Next up: pick out curtains...

Boho by Rosanna In the continuing spirit of picking out gifts for myself (and insane domesticity), I happened upon this lovely china site, Rosanna. While it's unfortunately set up for little gifts of dessert plates or teacups, wouldn't these designs be fun for a wedding registry? I really, really love their Boho pattern--or should I say patterns?

There are actually six patterns for each set of dessert or dinner plates... Ah me, how I love matching-mis-matched sets.

Another wedding-must for any Martha Stewart wannabe is, of course, a customized monogram on everything. I mean, people might get all confused if they're at your wedding and they pick up a bottle of water, and it says Crystal Geyser on it--they might be like, "Crystal Geyser? Who're they? I thought I was at the Smith shindig!" You can help them out by putting your monogram on that bottle of water, you see. And on envelopes, stationary of all kinds, the cake, the flowers, table and aisle runners, small children attending--really, I mean it--everything.

Luckily, there is this fabulous site, i Do Originals, that will customize or design your monogram for you. Now all kidding aside, I actually think this is pretty cool--possibly
because my common definition for "cool" includes the word "cheap." For 3 buckeroos, you can get a design updated with your intials and colors or you can get 5 completely customized just-for-you designs for 15 bucks. And then you can print that jpeg design on everything.

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