Monday, March 26, 2007

Countdown to 11

Ok, here are some things I need, haha.

To satiate my recent Martha leanings--and because I need another cake plate like I need a hole in my head--here's where someone can buy me this darling cake plate. Wouldn't it look cute with different ribbons woven through it? Don't you want to buy it for me? Admit it: It's cute-cute-cute!

So, this is Bumble & Bumble hair powder, which I have been dying to try for years--I guess that sounds dumb, but I suppose we could call it an on-and-off-again desire. But a strong desire. Just not one that has ever quite gotten me over the shock of spending something like 20 buckeroos on, like, 1 ounce of powder. That I'm not totally sure will really work or look that great on me. But I have a strong suspicion it will do both and, like I said, a strong desire. (And I happen to know there's a salon near where I live that sells this possibly great stuff).

And, while we're on the subject of hair--I could also use this snazzy conditioner from Aveda. In fact I could really use it, like, now. So I guess this is probably more of a reminder for me to buy it than anything else. But there you go.

So, I guess that's about it--I'm currently all about "domestic" goods (um, hello, I have a few new favorite stores- Crate & Barrel and Ikea--where more shopping can always be done, should someone so desire) and, apparently, hair products. Hmm, there was also this awesome movie, which I actually might have been born to watch and which is also currently out on DVD. Hmm... Also, there are many wonderful flavors of fragrance filed away at Demeter, and while most may a bit pricey, there are some smaller versions that only cost $10.

Hmmm... I should stop now. Trying to come up with gifts for myself only makes me more greedy. Dreaming up ideas for what other people can buy me is always a chore that I take very seriously and generally find rather rewarding. It's a rough job, but somebody's gotta do it.


Then again, I know a girl who's told her boyfriend for years that the best gift he could give her would be a nice date-date. Said boyfriend could dress to impress, choose a date & time and make a reservation somewhere with girlfriend in mind and generally orchestrate a nice evening out...

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