Friday, November 10, 2006

Affording that house...

Wallow in real estate woes no more! A shotgun shack is not a new idea, but I love that it's coming back into vogue a bit and with some style. I just caught a couple of articles about "Katrina Cottages," designed for victims of the hurricane.

Here's another article. And some pics (OK, fine, so you could Google it yourself, but I liked these ones best)

The most famous is going to be sold by Lowe's, with the most expensive version estimated to cost around $46,800. OK, so that's for 900-some square feet, but I'd rather own a free-standing, but small home with a yard than "own" a condo. The basic model has a living area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and relatively large porch. They totally look like some of the little shacks that you sometimes find abandoned on some forgotten corner of former ranch land in Siskiyou--except that those one are literally rotting and falling down.

Ohh! And these would make perfect cottages for the commune!


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