Friday, June 02, 2006

Beyond banjos & slide guitars

I go on kicks where I listen to one song over & over & over. Really, the 'repeat' button was a wonderful creation.
This week, it was the Dixie Chick's "Not Ready to Make Nice." What a song. I mean, there's nothing left for the three of them to say in press junkets and promotion. It seems like any question that a reporter or host would ask has already been answered more eloquently and completely in that song.
It's such a strong statement about freedom of speech, the power of words and acts of defiance.
The funny thing is, it's also clearly a relationship song--perhaps literally about Natalie Maines and the country music world--but easily extrapolated to other relationship wounds.
And it's a rallying cry for this long-time fan.
Though, to be honest, I hope that they do return to some more of the old-style country that they were digging into in earlier albums... I don't think the genre needs to be abandoned solely to Bush supporters and Tequila-makes-her-clothes-fall-off-bedonkydonk songs.
And it's really beginning to anger me that I'm still not hearing any Dixie Chicks songs on the radio around here--let the requests begin!
Anyways, note to self: Dixie Chicks in concert September 8 at Arco Arena.

And in other not-quite-country music news, I found a few more concert dates for Nickel Creek nearby... We will see them after all, dangit. On July 7 in Clear Lake or on July 1 in Saratoga


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