Sunday, March 12, 2006

... and then use different toilets

To continue my posting of totally useless things (this is not a real blog, I remind myself), here's a little tidbit for the girl who freaks out about junk mail: Your suspicions have been confirmed.

I like to tear up junk mail into tiny pieces and then throw the pieces in different garbage cans (and for some reason, I always consider eating a small piece of it, you know, so there'd be a missing piece ... but no, no, I don't eat paper or paste or dog food, even). Cockeyed did one of his famous experiments, this one with a torn-up credit card application.

The results? It's scary. Let's just say you should buy a shredder. Actually, maybe Mr. Cockerham should do a follow-up with a shredded application carefully taped back together... Yikes.

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You've been splogged! I'd turn on word-verification were I you...
I hate word verification. I usually get it wrong the first time or two...

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