Wednesday, February 01, 2006

this woman was singing my song

I'm worried that I have officially stopped. I used to look at people in their late 20s and 30s who were, say, wearing high-wasted jeans and wonder why they couldn't be more with it. My conclusion: At some point in their lives, people stop. They stop changing their desires/tastes along with fads. My guess is it usually happens in their 20s, but is heavily influenced by their teens/adolescence. It's like I've jumped the shark.

The proof?
My newest favorite guilty tv is #1 Single, Lisa Loeb's reality show on E. You say it's a new show, but its clearly a show for people stuck in the 90s, in more ways than one. I know I'm not the only youth who thought someone else borrowed the pen from my diary to write her top single. And somehow, Lisa Loeb still comes off all you-wished-you-said-it-first-y.
Then again, it's also a chance for Sex in the City addicts to soothe their lack-of-new-episode DTs. Lisa's just a semi-famous, reflective artist in NYC, mixing it up at book signings and art shows, being mentioned in New York newspapers and spending time with other supportive single women.

Fortunately there are some TV critics who agree that it's not a bad show (and it shares a producer with that that other "in the City" show- Amish, etc). Anyways, hopefully that doesn't single me out as the girl with dated tastes...

well, maybe one more clue that stopping is happening: My Space. I just don't do it. unh-unh.
There can be stopping and yet there can be starting again. After being almost completely removed from popular culture for several years - living in a small town without a high-speed connection or living in a rather sterile city while taking 50 units in one school year can do that to you. However, within the past four months or so I have come to feel enormously more connected and "with it." I'm finally finding new-ish music to be excited about. My fashion sense is probably more with it than it's ever been... And I even signed up for a goddamn Myspace page. Though in theory I prefer the activity of blogging over social networking. However, truth be told, I've so far spent far more time logged into Myspace than in to Blogger... Anyway, I felt like I was getting old, and now I feel like if I could just get enough time between working and cooking/doing chores/sleeping, I'd actually be quite spry, youthful, and damn hip.
I love you when you're manic. (ok, and when you're not, too)

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