Sunday, July 10, 2005

who am i kidding

So I've said before that this blog is really just for me--for fun, for links, for free. But now I mean it. Screw trying to write something intriguing or esoteric or political. The only people who read this are Zac and sometimes Tim, and no offense guys--I don't write for them. If I want to express my opinions about a particular current event, then I'll talk about it with people in real time and real space. Hmm, novel idea.

I'm tired of feeling like I've got to catch up with posts, or that I can't post on this topic until I write about that. And I'm tired of reading other people's blogs about how they need to blog, or they have nothing to write about but are writing anyway. I'm so behind in my posts that I've still never written the posts that I have actually wanted to. I'm freeing myself from any weird quasi-obligation of maintaining some weak, semi-status-quo weblog.

My new idea: I'm going to make this blog useful for what I actually use it for--lunch-time surfing. So for now, this "blog" is going to be my extended web to-do-list. If anybody out there feels like reading up on my weird little weekly goals, have at it. Maybe someday I'll go back to posting life updates or personal commentary. I'll let "you" know.

and one tiny little comment: Why does Blogger's spell check not recognize the word "blog"?
That's like the most profound thing I've ever heard anyone say, ever.

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