Saturday, July 16, 2005


Ok, it's official. I get to use this blog for whatever I feel like at the moment. I'm not so good at that over-arching-purpose thing.

Just realized that I'm a bit behind in the actual life-updates for anyone interested. I finally made the transition to another car--yes, I gave in and sold my beloved Toyota Paseo ... /sniff,sniff/ I love that car. In 40 years (heck, maybe fewer) I'm so going to be one of those people at a car show going, "this is just like my first real car, gosh, I loved that car" and then I'll be throwing money at some similar model/money pit. I wanted to find a way to keep it in some barn someplace and learn how to become its personal mechanic, but... cooler heads prevailed, I guess. /Sigh/ I guess.

There were going to be many descriptive, funny, tearful, strange and amazing blog entries about the 5-month-long high drama involved in the car transition--consider yourself spared.

Anyways, I bought a 99 Beetle--it's royal blue ("blue lagoon," officially) without anything too special. It has nice wheels, some creature comforts and--the most important thing--low miles. Bought it from a private party. It doesn't get the 40 mpg I'm used to, but I'm still putting the miles on. I'm learning to like it, though I'm still trying to figure out how to make it distinctly "mine."

Zac and I are in the process of moving to Rocklin--which is on the east edge of the sacred-tomato metropolitan area, closer to my work. It'll keep us still close to the city, but is literally just down the street from open space--yay! It also means we're trading commutes--mine will be shorter, Zac's will be rather serious...we'll see how that goes... It's also our first time to have a washer/dryer in-house, very exciting. I'm convinced that I will miraculously become a cleaner, neater person with the possibility of laundry with such ease, but don't hold your breath. The picture, left, is not the prettiest of the complex we're planning on moving into (technically, we haven't signed the lease yet...), but it's a pretty accurate one.

Oh, and when are we getting married? That seems to be the question everyone asks. And while it seems like it would make sense to ask--trust us, we'll let you know. It's still definitely in the plans (er, I mean that figuratively, as there still are no actual, specific when-where plans) but we're both kinda committed to putting it off a bit longer. Ah, procrastination--my favorite sport.

I think I have become one of those semi-permanent engaged people whom I used to think we're so stupid... ummm... oh well, some things you can't help. And some things you can't rush.

And that's it--hope this didn't sound too much like a Christmas-card-update letter... I just wanted to catch up on some more-or-less major changes going on here that I kept meaning to belabor in this silly blog. Hopefully, I'll be talking with most of "you" (again, figurative) soon enough or often enough that this won't be your only way to get this news.

And if you want more details (some might call it the long-story version), you know I'm always happy to provide!


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