Friday, March 25, 2005

A better seminar

I went to a writing seminar hosted by the California Newspapers Publishers Association in Redding this week. It turned into quite an adventure, actually (unplanned, of course, the hallmark of a true adventure), though the seminar itself wasn't quite groundbreaking. The leader tried to cover far too many topics, and ended up just giving us piles of handouts.

In the end, I wanted to give him some advice for other seminars, specifically: Show, don't tell. Be specific. Give examples. Be concise. (Gosh, isn't that the advice he was supposed to be giving us about writing?)

Anyways, then one of my co-workers passed this article about the National Gonzo Press Club and I realized that we had truly missed out on an opportunity for an even better seminar. Why not gonzo journalism?


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