Sunday, November 14, 2004

Spoiling Thanksgiving

There is fall outside our window today. The trees that once provided sheltered privacy--but were recently butchered--have finally started changing colors the last few days.

Yesterday Zac and I were rehashing our families' Thanksgiving traditions (mmm, zucchini bread). Then we saw a grocery add for a cheap turkey deal, and tonight we are spoiling our thanksgiving dinners. We're gonna try to keep it very simple, so that when the real deal comes around, we're still pleased--just roast turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes--all made as cheaply and simply as possible. Who couldn't resist a turkey for less than $4? The turkey is now in the oven, and I am already salivating...

are you not coming home for thanksgiving?!
No, I should be home for Thanksgiving...There has been some debate about how I really need to get a job, and should take anything I can get, including holiday retail (which means working the day after turkey day, christmas eve and dec. 26, prob'ly), but... I think it'd be better for me to not give my holiday season up for minimum wage. And I should definitely be home for Thanksgiving.

We were just able to get a really cheap turkey, and thought it would be fun...

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