Friday, November 12, 2004

sing w/me: I'm alive, I'm ali-i-ive

My very favorite movie--one that I actually believe has shaped perhaps far too much of my worldview--is The Last Unicorn, an animated movie from the 80's, with a soundtrack by America, and closely related to an animated version of The Hobbit and The Flight of Dragons. It's one of those things that I wouldn't have admitted to a few years ago (and I still prob'ly shouldn't), but I really do love this movie. It has this very stylized type of animation that falls somewhere between fin-de-siecle art nouveau, tapestries of the middle ages, and anime.
isn't it pretty?

I just found out that there is supposed to be a remake of The Last Unicorn, due out in 2006. Perhaps in light of the Lord of the Rings movies and the rise of Geekdom, the remake sounds like it will be live-action. It is supposed to have some of the same cast that originally voiced the animated version, including Christopher Lee (King Haggard), Angela Lansbury (Mommy Fortuna), and Mia Farrow (though she would now play the aging Molly Grue, as opposed to the unicorn). A live-action remake should be...interesting.

Strange thing, I always felt like I could only ever get a temporary pass into Geekdom, no matter how hard I tried to be an authentic member. Today, after wandering the Internet on last unicorn threads, I think I may have found my ticket in...and that's a little frightening.

I'll try to keep the lovefest for this movie short, b/c this isn't a fansite. But if you haven't seen it, consider yourself cordially invited to visit me and view it. ;)And if you feel like indulging your inner-geek, you can always find out which character from The Last Unicorn are you?

And why still pink? Because it's still pink week, of course! Zac tells me he likes the pink better than the orange, and it's growing on me too, but I'm still changing back to the fresh, warm, strange orange in a day or two...

Also still celebrating Veterans Day; apparently didn't do much of that yesterday. Because I've got some free time, I think I'm going to try writing some letters to soldiers stationed in the great wide elsewhere. Here's a nifty site that looks mostly legit for how to send mail to Any Soldier.

Veterans day is a nice idea, but having seen firsthand just how badly this country treats their veterans, I have a hard time doing anything but choking back rage every time some Republican on TV starts shedding crocodile tears for our veterans.

Ask Anne about her VA experiences sometime, if you've got a couple days ... yeah, this country really takes care of their veterans, all right. Just like they "took care" of Joe Pesci at the end of Casino...
so once again bren, you've kept me from my hw. but i just thought i'd let you know that i was found to be prince lir:

You are passionate, romantic, and brave. You will do anything to get what you want. You are very honest and open about your feelings in every situation, and you don't hold anything back regardless of the consequences. You can be a little obsessive sometimes, and you have a tendency to ignore reason. But in the end you always do the right thing, because you live by a strict set of moral values. You fall in love rather quickly, and have a great appreciaton for physical beauty. You can be amazingly brave, and are fearless when something you love is threatened in any way.

with my #2 being the skeleton (lol) and #3 the unicorn. fun, fun, but now for the oh not so fun software engineering getup...
I was the Princess Amalthea, but...I thought the description was a bit too flattering. I wanted to be the unicorn or the skeleton...

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