Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Shell shock

BD- I can't believe Kerry conceded! Way to fight for all the people who believe in you... Just wanted to say hi. Eric and I are driving to Chico this weekend to look for a place for me for next semester. A few promising options which is optomistic compared to the hell hole that Klamath Falls is. Looking for apartments here makes you cry or loose your sanity: a 1950's midget apartment with 5.5' celings, one next door to the mission house where you can't get the 4 locks undone before smelly hung-over men are gathered round making lewd suggestions, a 400 square foot house that was too small to fit a bed in the bedroom and still get into the bathroom without leaping the bed or just walking over it (imagine having guests, "Where's your restroom?" "Just go in the bedroom, jump the bed, and make sure you shut the bedroom door because the bathroom doesn't have a door- just hinges.") It was an awesome experience, and one I hope to never repeat! Anyway, talk to you soon. Hi to everyone! Love, Tess

It always seems so stressful to find a place to live...I mean, I remember feeling the pressure in Tempe (though, looking back, there were plenty of great places catering to student-like people), and I expected the difficulties in Yreka. But Sac wasn't easy--though prob'ly better than KF. The first place we looked at was a "guest house" in the ghetto that was attached to an industrial garage....and then we looked at apartments that wouldn't take co-signers (code for "no students").

But I would think Chico would be fairly easy, with its focus on the university.

And, of course, you do have a few resources (i.e. old friend-people)...I hear Billy (& Meghan) will probably want a new place soon...

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