Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A picture is worth a thousand words...

But I don't have a picture ;)

Yesterday I baked an apple pie from scratch all by myself in my little crappy kitchen. But before I could start, I had to make some space on a counter. There is only really one counter in our kitchen that is big enough for rolling out pie crust (about a 12-inch diameter). So I removed all of the small appliances, produce, paper towels and dirty dishes that normally occupy that counter, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. By the time I was ready to go, the kitchen was cleaner than I had ever seen it.

Then I covered everything with flour--my hands, the sink, the counter, and the large beer bottle posing as a rolling pin--though the dough inevitably stuck to everything anyways. After the rolling, the pinching, the cajoling, the peeling, the coring, the slicing, the mixing, the pouring, the whining, the forming, it was time for the preheating (whoops- who ever remembers to really PREheat?). Once it started baking, the pie smelled wonderful, like butter and apples and cinnamon.

And in the midst of such happy smells, I turned back to the kitchen and realized that everything--not just my hands, the sink, the counter, and the beer bottle, but also the floor, the drain, other counters, the refrigerator, my clothes, and a fresh pile of dishes and utensils--were covered in flour and little bits of dough. It's moments like those that make me so glad that kitchens are self-cleaning (oh, yours isn't?).

Anyways, its all back to normal now, except that we have a pie (well, about half a pie today). But next time I'm taking a picture of the glorious mess I created. Because I think that might've been the most impressive part of this whole experience.

But here are pics of the finished product:

*Proud pie mom shows off pictures* Should we call it George or Caesar? Actually, I think it was looking a little "just happy to be here," like all those stars at awards shows who are destined to remain only nominated. Oh well, tastes good.

Next time I promise pictures of the process and/or the mess.


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