Monday, November 01, 2004

My favorite reason to vote

Once upon a time--okay, last March--in a land far, far away--enh, Y-town--there was a hotly contested city council election. Seven people from the small town were running for two council seats, including two incumbents (we'll call them Eric & Jim) and a former council member (Grace) who had taken a break. A young reporter from the local paper was assigned the task of interviewing each of the seven candidates and following the race. She discovered that each candidate had a story to tell, loved the little city and its people, and sincerely and ardently wanted to help. The police force, fire department, local schools, city parks, casino plans, local businesses--all were issues on the table, and each voter could see how he was personally affected by the issues.

After ballots were cast and counted, there was only one clear winner (Grace) in the two-seat election. The incumbents Eric and Jim were left battling for the second seat, with the initial count showing only a few votes difference between them. Of the remaining candidates, many were short only 1 or 2 percentage points. After several days, the final count revealed that only TWO votes made Eric the winner over Jim.

Yes, this year's presidential election is very important and very heated. But please remember to vote for those more local issues, as well. Sometimes the city councilwoman, the local congressman or the state proposition can be more important to your life than even the president. And every vote really does count!!

PS- Need some comic relief? Check out today's Overcompensating comic, a recent Get Fuzzy, and watch SNL's Presidential Bash tonight.

Jeezum Crow, you're going to make me diabetic over here. Could you just be a little bit more cynical, please? With that attitude you're going to end up buying every bridge in sight.
Hey, I saw it happen! (and if I could link to one of my old articles, I would....)
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