Wednesday, November 03, 2004

licking my wounds

I think I dreamed last night that I had a cat--a warm, smooth, purring ball. That was a nice dream. I want a kitty.
If I really did dream last night, that was probably the most extensive and complicated of my visions. Kitty, mmm. Comfort, mmm. Purr.

That was after working for 16 hours at a polling place in Sacramento County. We had a record turnout, which for us meant allowing people to mark their ballot against walls, counters, any available table space, and while they were standing in line to possibly use one of our 6 official booths. Which I guess is better than the dozen or so polling places in Sac county that actually ran out of ballots.

And still--voter turnout...blah, blah, blah. I guess I could rant about how low "record turnout" really is, or about the insanity of poll workers (rules? what rules?) but I really am just licking my wounds today--literally and politically. Paper cuts, blisters, weary eyes seem so much worse after a 16-hour workday. And the day after elections that have reached a fever pitch always seems like such a letdown, no matter who wins. But especially if the incumbent wins because, for the most part, it quiets those questions of what the next 4 years will be like.

And especially if the winner was not "your guy."
Goodness, the steps up to my soapbox look so steep today...

(Brenda continues to talk to herself...)

Did Bush's comment about "one future that binds us" ring just a little too familiar?
It'd be nicei f htere was still an America to gripe about in four years. The massive financial crisis we've been procrastinating is just around the corner. It'll be one thing when milk costs ten bucks a gallon, but how about when our troops are stranded in Iraq and the supply planes stop coming? Yeah, we're on our way to 3rd-world banana republic status in record time.

These past couple wonderful years Anne and I have had, adrift in the "victimless" recession, prepare to experience it writ large across the entirety of society. Gey used to Soviet-era breadlines.
I can't believe that kerry just conceded! What a wuss! What about fighting for all of us that voted for him, believed in him? I cringe to look ahead and will avoid it for as long as possible... tm
I feel like I should respond with something encouraging and conciliatory and optimistic, but I'm not quite there yet. I mean, I could even imagine what to say, but...can't bring myself to actually type it.

At the same time, I'm also not willing to lose my grip on my starving hope and actually consider again all of the terrible things that I had earlier predicted would result from a Bush win.

still recovering...
And one more thing (and this may be inappropriate)--Zac has been more cheerful today than I have seen him in weeks. He was so stressed out about the election beforehand that his parents called today to make sure he was OK. Now he says he doesn't have to worry about hoping and moping is just a waste of time.
Sorry to be so depressing. Anne is trying to buck up, but with everything else lately its just not easy. Of course, our wedding coincided with the first surreal election, and now our fourth anniversary is here just in time for us to celebrate our latest crushing defeat.

Happy fucking anniversary. :)
(guess I'll use comments here instead of re-posting)

Of the things I have read today, this has struck me the best. In fact, I cried. Melodramatic? I think so. But it is a very elegant piece of writing.

Tomorrow, I hope I feel like jumping back into the battle, but today may have been my first time to experiene the set of emotions that has lead others to join ex-pat enclaves in beautiful foreign cities. Montmartre, anyone?
Sorry, Tim, I didn't see your comment before...When exactly is your anniversary?

And my link above is a little off. Here is a more correct address for that elegant piece of writing.
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Oh, whoops. My head is really not altogether here tonight.

This is what I really wanted to link to. The apophenia passage (above) is really elegant--and you should read it--but this is a story about Bush's appearance in Medford, Ore. that I didn't hear until tonight--and was probably what really made me cry. Or helped, or something...

I've gotta sleep. Fi-diddle-dee, tomorrow's another day.
November 8th.

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