Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Eleventh!

Today is the eleventh day of the eleventh month, and that calls for a little celebration. So for today, the blogthing is pinkish (if you had seen the first choice of pink palettes, you would've been even more frightened) in honor of Pink Week, another somewhat imaginary holiday being celebrated this week.

Today is, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday--dear friend, Titanic star, and honorary member of the Eleven Club. Though his membership seemed like a particularly brilliant choice at the time, I wonder if we should've chosen another star (here are quite a lot to choose from) to join the honorary position of the eleven club...

A few years ago I would've chosen Calista Flockhart, because I fancied myself a younger, fatter Ally McBeal. Demi Moore might not have been a bad choice because she was all about girl power for a while there (yes, massah chief! wait is that power, or...nevermind). A little more militant (and in honor of that other holiday celebrated today, Veteran's Day) was "old blood and guts" himself, General George S. Patton. To be a little more up-to-date politically speaking, perhaps we could choose Barbara Boxer, CA's recently re-elected senator. For our Russian fanclub out there, we could choose author Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but I'm not sure he would quite stand for the silliness that Eleven encompasses...The Brothers Karamazov, anyone? And, though my little search did not yield any new honorary member hearthrobs, I think it's safe to say that my favorite nominee to replace old Leo, one who I think would really grasp the ritual stories of the jellyball and talking cars would be Kurt Vonnegut Jr., writer of strange tales himself.

So...wear junk jewelry, smile randomly, tell outrageous stories, sing, dance, and create a new eleventh tradition. Today.
Count all your fingers and then add one!

(PS- And remember Veteran's Day...ya know, however you do that. Somebody should hire me to be "holiday cultivator coordinator,"--I'm sure a lot more people would actively celebrate Veterans if they had some tradition to follow...think Day of the Dead in red, white and blue...)


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