Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Format

Yea! Last night's One Tree Hill episode included a song from The Format, one of my fav bands.

"Let's tune out by turning on the radio," go lyrics for this poppish band. And maybe it's true that "after awhile they (pop songs) all sound the same--I guess its better than silence and better than shame," but there's something about The Format's upbeat, emo-ish pop that might "sound the same," only better.

And by upbeat and emo, I mean lyrics like "so let's cause a scene--clap our hands and stomp our feet" that have tidy claps in the background, followed with the over-angst of a line like, "I've just gotta get myself over me." Cheesiness aside, their music is applicable everyday, like popcorn or pb&j sandwiches or orange sherbet.

Last night's WB show featured "The First Single," the band's (almost too appropriately titled) first single. While the overly obvious titles are part of the band's kitsch, they might benefit from something more specific. Just try searching the Internet for generic phrases like "the format" and "first single." Ugh.

Anyways, they've got fun music, and they started out in Arizona (guess how I heard about them). Recently they've been touring with Switchfoot (you prob'ly heard that band first on the Walk to Remember soundtrack--admit it, you know you own that cd)....

If you haven't heard The Format yet, you need to (for your very own listening pleasure)...

Ok, so now that I'm in the land of satellite (my parents'), I flip on MTV for all of 3 seconds and see a "what you just heard" sequence that featured the First Single from The Format, so now I'm wondering if they're actually, like, a "real" band now with TRL endorsements and everything, and I'm just so disconnected that I didn't know...

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