Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Young equals poor?

Ok, so I finally got the invitations out--more than a week after that original post....

And just to give ya newbies a sample post: Ok, so I'm currently unemployed and am starting to feel a do you say? nervous--about money. I mean, nothing bad yet, but I'm just becoming more aware. And I've been trying to transfer my checking account--which is still technically in another state--to a local branch of the same bank. I've been into the bank twice, and while they are always polite, I'm actually starting to feel discriminated against.

For example, I asked one of the bankers yesterday about investing some of my savings into CDs, something that I've been thinking a lot doing for the last year or so. He raised an eyebrow, told me what the minimum investment was, and then paused, like he expected me to say that that was too much. When I didn't, the only information he would give me was a brochure that emphasized, again, the minimum investment. Nothing about the interest return rates or the different time commitments. I also was asking about the different savings accounts, and the gentleman emphasized several times that I needed a minimum of $300 to open a savings account.....It's bordering on insulting.

You'd think they would be eager to help me give them money....And I know this isn't worldclass discrimination--I'm sure they'd still take my money. But just because I'm young doesn't mean that I should have to repeatedly demand for them to treat me appropriately.

Today will be my third (and last) try with this bank. If it doesn't work, maybe I'll go back to shoebox banking.....


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