Thursday, October 28, 2004

trix are for kids

So Halloween is fast-approaching, and I even have a last-minute, kinda lame costume thrown together, but nothing to do. What do twentysomethings do for Halloween? I mean, I'm too old for trick-or-treating (remember when I found in high school that dressing up as a little kid was the only way to keep trick-or-treating? Yeah, definitely waaaay too old). But I don't have kids yet, to dress up and haul around the neighborhood.

I guess the answer is go to a party, but I haven't been to a real party since I was in college (I guess that mostly is reflective of my abundance of friends). So outside of a party, what? Watch scary movies? Find a cemetery to haunt? Sit around in jeans and a t-shirt, with lights blazing and tv blaring, and pass out candy to the little costumed callers? I refuse to give up Halloween so easily!!! There must be a solution....

My search for a good Halloween this year:

I'll add more ideas/sites as they come to me, but I think my real problem with Halloween this year is that there seems to be so much more to think about right now. Halloween is the most fun when you can immerse yourself in it and create a complete atmosphere of...ghoulish, mystical, hysterical, or otherwise autumnal fun.


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