Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Smells like warm bananas

Ok, so my whole life right now seems to be evolving around all these huge thoughts and questions about love and self and direction and.......and everything. I have all of these little monster questions that keep rearing their ugly heads, like, "How do I know what I want?" And that always seem to remain unanswered (or only lead to uglier monsters).

And while I am still at this moment toying with how much of that to drag out onto this blog, I am thinking I should keep it short before I make people gag (suffice it for me to tell just one very leeeeetle story? I told ZacH today that I would like to prove that he didn't exist and the worst thing is (or is it the best?) (wait--am I allowed to put parentheses inside of other parentheses?) (more than once?)oh yeah- and he said that he understands, and he does. ugh. er, ahh.)

Anyways, what I am REALLY writing about is this: In response to all of these big questions, I am on a baking kick. Yes, that's right. I have recently made (or attempted to make) apple dumplings, chocolate chip cookies, and banana bread. I am currently making another batch of banana bread, have plans for some more cookies, and am making plans for pumpkin bread and pecan pie.....Now, one might think that this is one of those food comfort things, but it's not quite. Though the eating is good, it actually seems to be about the baking.
It's like I've been infected with some sort of Martha Stewart philosophy of life.

And on a strange, and almost unconnected sidenote, I have discovered that I am a hybrid of:

according to a website, "Cooking to Hook Up," which is apparently a cookbook that is supposed to help guys succeed in the wild food universe of dating....


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