Saturday, October 30, 2004

Out of my head

Ok, so I'll admit it: I have been planning to post something pithy about how to post on this site, begging people to comment, with directions and everything. I was reconsidering the whole "group blog" thing...but now I'm just going to treat this blog like the miniature rose bush I've been trying to nurse back to health--with trust and faith. Because I know that you guys--we--are capable of this, and I am betting that at least a few of you are reading this at least part of the time (and besides--most of you have posted at least once now! Yea!).

And that's enough for now.

I feel like I've written 5 or 6 posts since Thursday, but apparently that was all in my head. There was the one about my favorite new TV star, Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion of champions, and the strange cult that has actually sprung up around his strange celebrity, with several fan websites devoted just to him.

There was the post about my strange dream, set in a Yreka Chinatown, starring Maxine Hong Kingston, Mr. Matts, Heather, Heather's mom, a Robbie Clark/Tim O'Neill hybrid, and that left me singing Leann Rimes' "Nothin' Bout Love" over and over in my head (which, btw, I loved for the first time live at The Britt this summer).

There were the posts about coupons (with some luck, I bought 4 cans of Campbell's Chunky soup for $2.25, one of which only cost me 25¢) and Wikipedia, that oh-so-democratic new encyclopedia with obscure information and which allows for anyone to instantly edit. And, though I've been wandering around the Internet for quite a while the last few day, just none of these posts actually made it out of my head and onto this screen.

But if you're reading this, hit that "0 Comments" button below, and write something--anything. Soon, that little button will read "1 Comments"--cute how no one's fixed the plural, isn't it?--and maybe someday it will even read "2 Comments." It's easy, and once you do it, you'll realize that you've been making comments all along--only in your head.

What'd I ever do to you?
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Ack!↑ Guess I'm still learning with blogger, too...

And Tim, you have only ever possessed a genius, being one whose advice and acceptance I seek. (And in my dream, that genius was hiding behind a Robbie-like face)

My post wasn't meant to be an attack...just me being my snotty self.
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