Monday, October 11, 2004

let's get physical...ugh

Ok, so I am young and flabby. And currently out of breath and sweaty.

The other day I bought a bellydancing dvd to workout with, though it turns out to not be very aerobic. And it's kind of a strange production, like the video is more focussed on appealing to the viewer sexually than actually trying to help teach any moves; it's almost like really, really, really, let's just say it looks like the tape was made to bring pleasure to men. But that's a little off-topic....

Today I went bike riding on a nearby bike path, which was ok. But I can tell I'm going to tire of these two options eventually....

What I'm trying to discover are ways to work out, without belonging to a gym and without having my own yard to play in. Any suggestions for what to do? Anybody try any good workout videos?


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