Sunday, October 24, 2004

The joys of strategic shopping

In response to my recent empty-pocket syndrome (and relocation within a few mile radius of shopping malls), I have taken back up the art of strategic shopping, first taught to me by the illustrious Miss Jenn. At first it seems a little silly to know the difference between "crosshatch vintage" and "faded vintage" colors of jeans, to make a point of going to different store locations and to watch sales with the eye of a hawk. But after tasting success, it is easy to become a convert!

This weekend I bought my favorite style of jeans in what I think is the best color right now for nearly half price. And they don't even need to be hemmed (a miracle for short me)! Of course, that wasn't without having looked online and in two store locations (and having the luck to travel out of state (Ok, Medford) this weekend). I honestly have been basking in the glow of this little purchase most of the weekend....And I'm still gloating- can't you tell?


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