Tuesday, October 19, 2004

an "honest argument"

Well, there was the first honest argument on Crossfire recently, thanks to Jon Stewart. Tell me again, why is Jon Stewart a voice of reason? Stewart speaks the truth: "You're partisan--what do you call it?--hacks." If you missed it, here it is. And to the one person who I know is reading this and clicking on the link: I know where you live, and we're having pasta for dinner. plbbt.

"A lot of people define objectivity as what agrees with their point of view," says Bob Schieffer of CBS in part of this interview for the SacBee. "If you agree with them, you're objective; if you don't, you're not. It's troubling, and I'm not really sure what to do about that."
I don't know...perhaps Jon Stewart knows the answer! (no really, I mean it)

And one more thing that could use Mr. Stewart's help: the Sinclair Broadcasting fiasco. Pulitzer Prize winner Leonard Pitts took a wonderfully clear stance on the issue.

I think Misters Pitts, Stewart and Schieffer should join forces to combat more evil in this world.
Actually, I take that back, but first--how do you abbreviate "Misters" in English? I was thinking Mrs. or Ms. but those are already taken...What is the abbreviation for monsieurs?...Hmm, bring on the style manuals...
But back to the supertruth team: They've each done a great job of quietly describing the evil forces, but are Comedy Central, Sunday mornings, and the depths of the opinion pages really places to make a difference? Let's seem them (or someone else from the supertruth team) be placed on prime time news shows, or even(!) elected president. Now there's an idea...

Any further nominations for members of the SuperTruth team?

And one more completely off-topic question: What do you think constitutes plagiarism on a blog? For the purposes of full disclosure and my guilty conscience, the Stewart clips link above was found on this blog before I even had a chance to look for it...

To answer my own question: It's "Messrs."

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