Saturday, October 30, 2004

hmmm...hw or time waste?

bet you cant tell what i chose? thus at long last Brenda...i too will post!! yes i realize that you no longer know the pangs of a lazy saturday passing while you lock yourself in your room refusing to allow yourself any fun until that stupid 8 page paper writes itself, but alas i am younger and still imprisioned by the such. Its saturday, a gorgeous, sunny, blue sky saturday, the day before halloween, and its in fact a FREE saturday for me (only the second all semester without training and the first ever without practice) but i am chackeled to my computer and left to ponder what Hobbes, Kant, Mill, Plato and Aristotle really thought about justice. Justice? is this justice? Dawson thinks not, yet Brubaker (the loathed phylosophy instructor) cares not.

but on a brighter note if you will...i did get to go out last night with Lindsey (she says hi btw) for some dinner and a few hours at my fav martini bar--multiple orgasm (bailey's, ameretto, and kaluha i think) is the way to go if you can stomach ordering it! and hey, i've got a new boy! i know i mentioned him to you before--good ol johnny boy. he makes me smile enough though he hardly understands my emotional nature nor my sometimes frequent desire to not bother with him at all. but none-the-less i enjoy him for the most part. haha...i guess that sounds harsh. he really is a great guy, and i do in fact look forwarding to spending time with him, like i will tonight!! take out dinner, some wine, and a movie...i'm glad i've got a friend here with a house!! its almost like having a real life...but thats another whine time.

Boo to homework, and boo to being inside on such a beautiful day, and BOO to all else since it is nearly halloween!!

Yippeee!!!! A post by someone other than me!! Two in fact!!

My eyes caught on the words "multiple orgasm" and I thought, "What is my sister writing about?!" But it does sound mighty good. Did it also have vodka or gin in it? Or are martini bars these days just bars that put their drinks in pretty glasses?

As for writing the paper--a phrase sort of materialized between Jenn & me for these things: "It'll all work out." I think it refers to a sort of faith in our infallibility (healthy, huh?) but it always has worked out, one way or another...Hey, is that justice? maybe just fate...
One more thing,"Cindy--Bren's little sis."

Thanks for changing the name to be more specific, but you don't have to ID yourself in relation to me. Remember "Sister Of Cindy" never went over too well with me. Maybe you could be the ever-classic "Frowmobile" ;) or cindita chiquita or cindydeedee or Miss Cadet or speedy (gonzalez) or whatever...If you really wanna be "Cindy-Bren's little sis" (which you *sniff, sniff* always will be), you can--just don't feel bound to such a title...
yes silly--all martinis have either gin or vodika in them (i think this one vodika) i was just naming the extras that made it special. linz got one that had a bunch of fruity juices and was topped off with chamgaigne--that was good too!!
PS...obviously i took your name advice. i didnt mind tagging it to you since you are my sister and all and your friends dont really know me anyhow, but it seemed you were a little too shocked by it, or maybe just a little werided i decided to choose one from the plethera that you so kindly offered. cindita...i like that one, always have though i must say frow was a close second :)

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