Saturday, October 16, 2004

'A blaze of light in every word'

Today, while cleaning, I listened to "Hallelujah" sung by Rufus Wainwright for at least an hour. No joke. Over and over and over again. Here's a verbal sample: "I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this: the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled king composing, 'Hallelujah'"...Ok, so maybe that verse needed the music to back it up, but it's still nifty. Even thinking about the song now, I could go on listening to it forever. I mean, "Love is not a victory march; its a cold and its a broken 'Hallelujah'"? Or how bout, "Remember when I moved in you, the holy dove was moving too, and every breath we drew was 'Hallelujah'"? With lines like those....phew. Gimme more.

And something completely different, yet fun. According to colorstrology the color of my birth month is "Cayenne," and my specific color based on birthday is "Sangria" (nicely enough, my colors sound like accents to a good meal). My description reads in part: "You are intuitive and insightful and tend to be financially blessed. Theatrical and eloquent, you are a great storyteller. You are mate oriented but have to be self-sustaining and independent for your relationship to work."
Well then, Sangria it is (now if only I were feeling financially blessed right now).


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